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Archery Tag is phenomenal fun and Redhills Adventure is one of Ireland’s only official providers. Forget what you know about archery, this is combat tag archery where equipped with a 28lb bow and specially designed hard foam top arrow you will aim to better the opposing team by outscoring their targets, catching their arrows amongst other objectives all whilst dodging arrows and attempting to eliminate you’re the opposing players!


Archery has soared in popularity recently, propelled by the Hunger Games series and hit TV shows Game of Thrones and Walking Dead in which bows feature prominently as the weapon of choice. Developed in the US, Archery Tag pits two teams against each other in a dodgeball-type battle. But instead of balls, players try to take each other out with custom-made, foam tipped arrows. Unlike Paintball, you won’t get bruised or hurt all over for days!

The official version of the game is played by two teams with five players each, but it can be played with teams consisting of as few as four players aside or as many as 10. We can run multiple zones and a tournament format so can cater for up to 60 per session or 150 players packaged with other activities.

Archery Tag is fun, very safe and simple to get the hang of. It’s suitable for all ages from your 8 years old to the CEO of your company as we have bows for all ages. Perfect for Birthday parties, Stag and Hen parties, Corporate Events and more. We operate Archery Tag on the road also so we can come to your town hall, school or college gym, hotel ballroom, open park or home!

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