Airsoft Game Rules

Airsoft Definition

An Airsoft device is a precision sporting device designed to safely propel a plastic bead or ball (commonly now as a BB) at speeds in the region of 100 meters per second. Airsoft  rounds and devices are incapable of producing the energy required to cause harm (pierce skin) and as such are suitable for player-to-player “tagging”. Airsoft is three times less powerful than paintball and therefore not as impactful when tagged.


Safety First

As Airsoft players and enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the sport of airsoft and aim to provide a safe yet challenging venue for both experienced and first time gamers. We hold maintaining the integrity and enjoyment of the sport of Airsoft, the safety of its players and the general public who come into contact with the site and sport as our utmost priority. Any players not respecting the site’s rules will be removed from the game and may be asked to leave the venue in extreme circumstances.

RHA Official WaiverAirsoft is a fantastic hobby or activity for recreational players and non-enthusiasts. For your enjoyment, we ask all players to respect the venues rules, listen carefully to the Game Briefing and respect the Marshal’s decisions without question and you will enjoy an action packed day of adrenalin fueled fun in the outdoors.  

Please download, sign and present at reception. We also have copies available at reception but for players under 16 years of age, this Waiver must be signed by the parent of every child participating on their first visit. The Minimum age permitted to play airsoft at Redhills is strictly 11 years of age. (Proof of Age may be asked for)



  • All RIFS must be under 1 joule when tested on the day (0.9 of a joule for HPA Systems).
  • Max bb weight permitted in Redhills is 0.28g.
  • All RIFS will be tested using 0.20g bb’s with hop up off (as per IAA Guidelines) and players desired weight bb with hop up applied up to a maximum weight of 0.28g bb’s)
  • If your RIF is altered in any way after chrono you must get it retested.  
  • CO2 RIFS must be tested with a new Co2 capsule inserted in front of our Marshal.
  • Unregulated Gas RIFS (GBB pistols etc.) will be subject to retest if there is a significant temperature increase on the day.
  • If you change to a different brand or strength of gas, you must get your gun re-tested.
  • Players using HPA Systems must supply their own tournament lock that is fit for purpose and must chrono with over 2000psi in their tank.
  • If any component (Gun, Regulator or Tank) in your HPA system is changed you must retest the system.
  • HPA Systems will be locked using tournament locks & cable ties, if cable ties are opened or loose the system must be retested.
  • All RIFs will be checked at random times throughout the day to verify that they are under 1 joule.
  • Players who do not comply with the above policy will not be permitted to participate at events at Redhills Airsoft.


Safety & Gaming Rules

For your benefit and enjoyment make sure to READ THESE RULES AND LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THE GAME BRIEF Ask a question rather than break a rule. Thank you

  1. Goggles must completely cover your eyes i.e. no gaps to the front or side.
  2. Full Face Protection (Eye and Mouth) must be worn at all times unless in the Safe Zone Building – This is an Insurance requirement – no exceptions. If you are outside in designated shelter/ gear up areas, you must wear goggles at all times from arrival to the end of the session. If your goggles fog up, return to the safe zone building only to de-fog them, do not remove whilst in the live game zone or even lift them slightly to de-fog.
  3. Face protection must be properly strapped to your face and properly protect your eyes and teeth so no gaps – Take personal responsibility for your own safety and only use recommended brands and CE certified face protection.
  4. Acceptable Lower Face Protection –  Hard Face cover (Half or Full) is all that is permitted when gaming. Mesh is permitted.
  5. Ankle Boots are recommended.
  6. You must register before you gear up and receive your PIN (Player Identification Number) for gaming and Chronographing.
  7. Remove Mags, Discharge your RIF, and put it on Safe immediately when game ends.
  8. Pistols may remain with magazines in if they are holstered and on safe.
  9. Players must display team identification band and player number at all times.
  10. Personal belongings are your responsibility and are left at own risk. If you find equipment or parts, accessories etc in the game field, hand them into a Marshal for the Lost and Found Box.
  11. No climbing, jumping or moving doors, windows, props or barriers. Stay in bounds i.e. respect blue rope/ taped boundaries, fenced or partially fenced areas. Do not climb over cover, hoarding, out of trenches, over sandbags etc.
  12. Aggressive or physical behaviour towards Marshals, staff or other players will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the site without refund.
  13. The Marshals decisions are final and are to be respected at all times.

Specific Gaming Rules

  1. TAKE YOUR HITS!! Airsoft is a game of honour. All parts of your body and equipment count when hit by a direct shot. The onus is on YOU to ensure you feel, anticipate, listen out for and take every single hit and to play in a manner that shows respect for the sport, the venue and the players you come into contact with. At RHA we have a very experienced Marshal team, who are also gamers themselves. We have seen it all, heard it all and have adopted various systems to catch out unsportsmanlike play and players. Discreetly report the issue and let us do our job and don’t let small issues ruin your day.
  2. When hit raise your hand immediately. Shout hit loudly and raise your arm high to avoid overkill and to let the player know they have hit you. Should you have issues with the hit then you must address it through a Marshal and not the player. IF IN DOUBT TAKE THE HIT!!
  3. If you experience issues for whatever reason on the field, you are not permitted to call out a player. Address issues through the Marshals.
  4. We reserve the right to check players on their hit taking as well as carry out random chrono throughout the day. You may or may not have been reported so if you are playing by the rules and taking your hits you will have nothing to worry about.
  5. Hit Checking is necessary and ensures a good standard of play where players who are having issues with other players can report the issue and have it dealt with. Whilst some players may find it frustrating it serves as a very useful system from which no player – new or experienced, regular or new to the site is exempt from.
  6. No blind firing, you must have the target in your sites down through the barrel of your gun.
  7. Head shots within 5m are strictly prohibited. Train your RIF low when coming around corners etc.
  8. Redhills is a Single Shot (Semi Auto) site only, unless stated otherwise.
  9. We encourage all players to offer the BANG KILL RULE when close up and where you can target a players body, this is done by simply shouting bang at the player if near to them, if the player does not accept the bang kill (ie put up their hand immediately), you may engage them with a single shot to their chest or lower. This type of bang kill is at your discretion to offer and take.
  10. A mandatory bang kill is required however in a situation where all you can see is the players head and you are within 5 metres. Assuming you have the advantage (ie your RIF is trained on them at the time you shout bang), you must shout bang and they must accept it.
  11. Dual Hits or 50/50s – Both players fire at each other and hit each other at pretty much the same time. If a player has fired and hit you before you have hit them and it is a close call, offer to respawn. If undecided amongst two players, Marshals will rule both players go to respawn.
  12. Dead players don’t talk or signal until they have respawned.
  13. When hit shout “hit”, put your arm or gun up in the air, SHOUT HIT LOUDLY and return to re-spawn.
  14. Call “Dead Player” coming around corners or crossing busy areas of play.
  15. Re-spawn quickly and use the most direct route to respawn when hit, do not hang around.
  16. Ricochets do not count but if in doubt TAKE THE HIT.
  17. Friendly fire counts, both players re-spawn.
  18. Knife Kills are not permitted unless stated otherwise.
  19. Gun hits count, no dropping to secondary, you are out and must respawn.
  20. When eliminated from a game (out of lives), return immediately to the Safe Zone/ designated area.
  21. You must always re-spawn at the designated areas only and touch off the spawn.
  22. You are not permitted to pass your head pass the half way point of a window ledge, over the wall of the tower or any wall/ piece of cover. Your RIF may do so as long as your head doesn’t.
  23. Do not go out of bounds – Respect boundaries at all times as indicated in the briefings.
  24. Solid Cover – Any space/ gap etc that is large enough for you to fit your head through is fair game to shoot through and be shot back. Hinges of doors/ gates, under vehicles, pallets or slight gaps of old wooden cover are not permitted to be fired through and it will not count if you are hit through them. Hedges, camo netting and the tall grass are fair game if you are hit through.
  25. Other rules may apply and certain additional rules may apply for special events or may be added at any point and not posted here or across any other mediums.

Other Airsoft Equipment

  1. Most Airsoft Grenades are permitted at Redhills. BFG (Blank Firing Grenades) are prohibited. If you are unsure about your device, please ask a member of the team so that they can inspect and advise
  2. If a grenade (including 203 Launchers) is detonated in a room you are in then you are deemed hit whether hit by a BB or not. Rooms are those within the white stone buildings. All other areas are considered open areas so the 5 metre kill radius applies.
  3. In an open area you are deemed hit if you are within 5 metres of where the detonation occurred whether you are hit by a BB or not unless fully behind hard cover when the grenade detonates.
  4. Airsoft Grenade Launchers such as 203s are permitted, see below for rules of use.
  5. You must call 203 before pulling the trigger and the majority of BBs must go into the room. Any player in the room is eliminated if the shot is fired within 2 metres of the door/window/ opening. If you fire a 203 further than 2 metres away from the door/window/opening then any player within a metre of the door frame inside the room is eliminated.
  6. In open areas 203s are directional so you must be hit by a BB in that situation similar to someone firing at you with a RIF. You must call 203 as with non-directional 203s above.
  7. Airsoft Grenades must be thrown under arm. They must not be modified/drilled and as purchased.
  8. You are permitted to place a grenade over a wall (Lobbing is not permitted).
  9. We allow the use of bona fide Airsoft Equipment. Any equipment we feel is unsafe or may cause issues/ confusion with gameplay is generally prohibited to use. Homemade devices are prohibited.