Airsoft Own Gear

New hobby?

Looking for a new hobby? Airsoft is a fantastic hobby and is easily accessible to all ages 11 years +. Join us today with your own gear for as little as a fiver (basic membership). If you have your own Airsoft Gear (AEG), becoming a member couldn’t be easier, book in, pay a fiver and sign in. We rent most types of equipment if you are stuck such as mags, batteries, face pro etc and no matter what the weekend you’ll encounter a great crew of players.

Walk On Rates (Effective May 1st 2021)

Half Day Saturday, Sunday Morning or Afternoon €25

Full Day Sunday €30 (Full days set to recommence from June)



Weekly Open Skirmish Events 

Every Saturday 10am-1pm (Morning)

Every Sunday 10-1pm (Morning)

Every Sunday 130pm – 4pm (Afternoon)

Every Sunday 10-4pm (Full Day from June 2021)

Gates – Arrive 15 minutes before start time.

Own Gear Membership and Initiatives 2021

Silver Membership €5

Mandatory –  For all Own Gear players on their first visit valid until Dec 31st 2021. Benefits: Once off payment of €5 and you are a member of Redhills Airsoft and can participate in gamedays and special events at Redhills Airsoft (Adventure)

Full Auto Membership €450 (Not available until further notice)

Gold Membership €75 (Not available under further notice)

Other Initiatives

Claim your Game 2021

Have a game you think would work at Redhills. Submit it to us over the year and we’ll assess it with the Marshal Team and try it out if we think it will work! If your game is chosen we will include it in our games bible whilst you beam with pride!

Fair Player Initiative 2021 (Re Commences June 2021) 

RHA Fair Player Patch Award – Every Sunday, the Marshals will agree on the fairest player of the day’s play who will receive our newly designed and coveted Fair Player patch. Marshals Decisions will be final and based on genuine and naturally honest gameplay including hit taking, courteousy kills, passiveness (non – aggressive behaviour) and other criteria. This new patch supersedes all previous patches.