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Q: Is there a viewing area?

Yes you can view part of the game zone from the Safe Zone Area or shelters however we generally request those not taking part to come back after the session. Should parents of the birthday child for example, supervisors or coaches etc wish to wait there is no issue however all persons waiting onsite must […]


Q: What facilities do you have?

We offer ample free parking along with toilet and changing room facilities. Our indoor registration area comprises picnic style seating as well as a waiting area. There are a selection of snacks and cold drinks available for sale.

Q: Can I bring my own food and drink?

Due to Covid 19, we currently do not allow food onsite. Birthday cake and goody bags for children are permitted however but no catering hot or cold is permitted onsite currently.

Q: What should I wear?

We can provide uniforms in the Airsoft package for small to medium sized groups under which are worn over what you wear on the day. We do not recommend jeans or light clothing for the airsoft but at the same time dressing up like the Michelin Man will mean you will be roasting hot and not […]

Q: Can I bring my own Airsoft equipment?

Yes but it will be subject to a strict Chronograph test and only if it is below 328fps/ 1 Joule (legal limit in Ireland) will it be certified as approved for use. Please note that we will not permit you to use your Airsoft Gun/RIF if it is even 1fps over the limit so make […]

Q: How many games will we play?

Airsoft Half Day – Min 3   |  Airsoft Full Day – Min 5    |   Archery Tag – Min 3   |   Splatmaster – Min 3

Q: How long is the session?

Airsoft Half Day        |     3 Hours Airsoft Full Day         |     6.5 Hours Archery Tag               |     1.5 – 2 Hours Splatmaster              |     1.5 – 2hours Combo Packages     |   […]

Q: Do we play with strangers?

Yes this is the norm unless you have a group big enough to reserve the venue for your own (ie 35 rental packages minimum). You will be playing with a mixture of ages.

Q: Will there be an instructor with us?

Yes. All our game days are supervised / operated by trained marshals whose aim is to give you a great day out. We will ensure you are provided with the right equipment and are fully briefed but the onus is on you to listen carefully and follow our instructions. We have various ways of catching […]

Q: What time should we arrive?

Please refer to your booking confirmation email for your stated arrival time and generally, you arrive 15 minutes prior.

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