Prices & Memberships

Open Skirmish (ie you do not need a group)

Saturdays are recommended for beginners and younger players. You do not need a group to play Airsoft at Redhills or to be a member as you can rent and join any of our open skirmish events which are run every Saturday mornings and Sundays. We attract new players weekly and airsofters from all over Ireland game with us regulary.

Group Bookings available Monday-Friday with a minimum number of 8 or more renting equipment.

€35       |    Rental Package Half Day Sat – 10-1:00pm 

(incl Airsoft AK Rifle, Ammo, Face Mask,  Membership n/a)

€39      |   Rental Package Half Day Sun – 10-1:30pm | Uniform Included and required | Gloves €3 (Optional)

(incl Airsoft AK Rifle, Ammo, Face Mask,  Uniform, Membership n/a)

€55      |   Rental Package Full Day Sundays Only – 10-4:30pm €55

(incl Airsoft AK Rifle, Ammo, Face Mask,  Uniform, Membership n/a)

€25      |   Own Gear Walk on Rate (Silver membership – €5 mandatory on first visit in the year, see below)

€20     |   Own Gear Walk on Rate (Gold Membership – €50)

Other Gear Rental

We rent the following onsite – Pistol and Holster, Batteries (and fast charge service), Magazines, Mesh Goggles and Lower Mesh, Gloves, Uniforms, Ankle Support.


1. Groups 8+ Renting – Deposit Required to secure group bookings of €15 per person payable in advance.

2. Groups smaller than 8 can generally hold places on weekends with just a credit or debit card pre-authorisation.

2018 Player Initiatives

Based on a commitment to growing our player base and to reward those who game with us regularly, we are delighted to announce our 2018 incentive and discount rates. We hope our 2018 rates will allow a mutually beneficial relationship between your Airsoft gaming needs and your budget!!

  • Introduce a Friend, Fiver off Existing players (ie you’ve visited Redhills once and paid your silver membership of a fiver) who bring a new player/s to the site will receive a 20% discount for each player up to a maximum of 5 players – i.e. €5 per player. This is based on the new player’s first visit only and not applicable for subsequent visits.
  • Gold Membership – Upgrade to Gold from basic Silver and receive reduced game fees and discounts on BBs and Gas during gamedays (See below)
  • Burst Fire Membership – 4 Games in 2 months, fifth game free! (See below)
  • Fully Auto Membership – Upgrade to Platinum and play every gameday for free and receive a discount on BBs and Gas and a set of personalised dog tags (See below)
  • Airsoft Team Discount – €3 discount pp for teams  of 6 players or more – Must have a recognisable team patch/ logo and are booked in as a team by one sole booker/ contact. Membership waived if first visit of your team
  • Refer a Rental Group – Own Gear members who refer a rental group (for example your work colleagues, school, sports club) and once 10 or more are booked for a half day rental package we’ll spot you a free game per 10 rental packages booked.

Not some of the offers above can not be used in conjunction with other offers above or as introduced within the year. Please enquire at the time of booking.


Looking for a new hobby? Airsoft is a fantastic hobby and is easily accessible to all ages 12 years +. Join us today with your own gear for as little as a fiver (basic membership) or pay a set fee of €350 and game unlimited for a year from the date you purchase! Some of our membership benefits include discounts on BBs and gas and personalised dog tags!

Interested in more info? Speak to us onsite, Private message us on Facebook or email Alternatively call 087 2481246.

Becoming a basic member couldn’t be easier, book in, pay a fiver and sign in. Whether you are decked out like the latest ad for Call of Duty or sporting a casual look and a new pew pew, you are most welcome!  We rent most types of equipment if you are stuck such as mags, batteries, face pro, uniforms etc and no matter what the weekend you’ll encounter a great crew of players as there is only one click we’re interested in and that’s the one your gun makes!

Membership only applies for Own Gear players so if you don’t have gear and need to rent then membership is not required. Rental Packages available for occasional players, first timers, tryer outers, Stag Parties, Corporate Team Building, Birthdays, GAA, Rugby and Soccer Clubs and more!

Basic Silver Membership – €5

(Mandatory for all Own Gear players on their first visit valid until December 31st )


Once off payment of €5 and you are a member of Redhills Airsoft and can participate in gamedays and special events at Redhills Airsoft (Adventure)

Walk On Rate per gameday assuming all own gear, face protection and your own ammo – €25

Gold Annual Membership  – €50

(Optional – Valid 1 year from the date you sign up and can be purchased at any point throughout the year)


  • Discount on our regular Walk On Rate per gameday above – €20 (ie versus €25)
  • €2 Discount on King Arm BBs and Green Gas
  • 1 x Free Loan Rental AK Spetnasz should your main RIF let you down on any given gameday within the year
  • Priority booking for Gamedays and Special Events

Interested? Speak to us onsite any weekend or via Facebook, email ( or call us on 087 2481246

Burst Fire Membership – €100

Play 4 games within any 2 month period and receive the fifth free!


  • Free Game

*  Must be pre-booked and paid for in advance | Not applicable for Special Events such as Halloween, Night Games or Team Events

Interested? Speak to us onsite any weekend or via Facebook, email ( or call us on 087 2481246

Full Auto Membership  – €350

(Optional – Valid for 1 year from the date you sign up and can be purchased at any point throughout the year )


  • Unlimited Walk Ons ie pay nothing from week to week on any gameday* throughout the year Saturday and Sunday
  • €2 Discount on King Arm BBs and Green Gas
  • Personalised Dog Tags
  • Priority booking for Gamedays and Special Events

*  Not applicable for Special Events such as Halloween, Night Games or Team Events

Interested? Speak to us onsite any weekend or via Facebook, email ( or call us on 087 2481246

Other Initiatives

Claim your Game 2018

Have a game you think would work at Redhills. Submit it to us over the year and we’ll assess it with the Marshal Team and try it out if we think it will work! If your game is chosen we will include it in our games bible whilst you beam with pride!

Fair Player Initiative 2018

  • New RHA Fair Player Patch Award – Each Gameday, the Marshalls will agree on the fairest player of the day’s play who will receive our newly designed and coveted Fair Player patch. Marshals Decisions will be final and based on genuine and naturally honest gameplay including hit taking, courteousy kills, passiveness (non – aggressive behaviour) and other criteria. This new patch supersedes all previous patches.
  • RHA Fair Player of the Year Award – All players who win Fair Player of the Day awards will be automatically entered into an Annual Draw to win a €200 Airsoft Prize next December

Hot or Cold Food Options

Together with our local suppliers, we are delighted to offer a number of food options to enhance your visit to us at Redhills –

  1. Hot Food Menu ie Burgers, Pizzas, Chips etc Available every Full Day Skirmish
  2. Pizza Option or reduced Fast Food Menu Option for groups (pre-order) – Mizzoni Kildare
  3. Gourmet Sandwiches and/ or Soup (Pre-order) | Mary Catherines Wholesome Deli Kildare
  4. Offsite aprés shoot/ party? Ask for information on our deals with our local restaurants. We currently partner with – Hartes Bar and Restaurant Kildare Town, Silken Thomas (Chapter 16) Kildare Town, Judge Roy Beans Newbridge, Judge Roy Beans Killenard (Laois), The Church Bar and Restaurant Dublin