Airsoft Combat Games

Airsoft Combat Games

Airsoft is a tag activity similar to paintball but where lower impact and more realistic equipment is used. Airsoft has not only grown rapidly in popularity in Ireland in the last 5 years but has taken over from its better-known cousin due to UNLIMITED AMMO being included as standard with all our packages. Not only does it not hurt your pocket, it doesn’t leave you black and blue like paintball can.

Taking part in team versus team battle skirmishes you will look to better your opponents by completing your tasked objectives at the start of every game scenario. Whether it’s arming tnt on a fuel tank or hunting the high value target you’ll feel like you’ve been transported into a video game as you meander our realistic game zones from real buildings to 16 foot high grass, secret huts and trenches over 5 acres.

At Redhills we have developed a reputation for quality gaming so we cater for the experienced gamer to the first timer whether you are on a school tour, stag or getting into the sport as a hobby. Our game types, props and player initiatives are replicated by venues all over Ireland.

Our popular regular Open Skirmishes run weekly where you’ll be provided with all the gear, full instruction, a friendly welcoming attitude and most of all great value rental packages!


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Genuine Army Uniform
+ € 4 per person

You can either pay a deposit of €10.00 and pay the balance on the day or pay in full now.

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