Team Challenge Games


We recognize it isn’t always just about the fun side of things and your needs as a company, school tour or sports club for example might extend to testing your participants on how they work as a team, complete objectives either mental or physical and hone their leadership skills.

At Redhills Adventure we have introduced a range of team challenges that are suitable for younger participants or adults. The type and number of challenges included varies depending on your needs, available time frame and the level of difficulty so just let us know your needs and we will tailor the session accordingly. Team Challenge Games are generally added on to tag or target activities to ensure longevity with a minimum number required of 10 or more.


Sample Challenges

  • The Run Mat Challenge
  • Giant X&OS
  • The Drain Pipe Challenge
  • Minefield
  • Disc
  • Giant Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Mental Challenges
  • Human Fuzzball (Summer 2019)


Team Challenge Games Gallery

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