Own Gear Booking Terms and Covid 19 Safety Measures

You are due to arrive soon to Redhills. We are excited about some new site upgrades since our reopening on June 10th which should mix things up nicely! 

FIRST, TO BRING YOUR ATTENTION TO THE FOLLOWING – A number of Public Health Operational Guidelines are in place at the centre that you should be aware of. These guidelines are summarised below and will be further explained either on arrival or during activity briefings. Please ensure to read through the below and follow the guidelines below or any that are requested of you while at the centre. It is imperative to ensure we can operate safely. Your cooperation as always is key and appreciated.

With your safety and the safety of others in mind, kindly –

Please do not attend if you have any of the following symptoms    

–          High Fever

–          Persistent Cough

–          Shortness of Breath

1.       Arrive on time i.e. 15 minutes before your booked time

2.       You are required to practice Social Distancing, sanitise regularly and be mindful of others and practice respiratory and hand hygiene while onsite

3.       Arrive ready to participate, changing facilities are no longer available and changing is not permitted onsite

4.       Only bring what you require into the centre. Also note there is a restriction of RIFS if playing with own gear, 2 Primary and  secondary per  player.

5.       Until further notice, food is not permitted to be brought onsite or consumed onsite.

6.       Tea, Coffee, Cold Drinks & Snacks are available for sale during set times as are other consumables such as Bbs, Face Protection, Gas.

7.       If you booked within 24 hours of the session start time (ie 10am the day before), there is a late fee of €5 applied on arrival

8.       If you cancel within 24 hours of the session time or fail to show,  if may affect further bookings you try to make at Redhills

9.       Payment on arrival is permitted – Cash or Card is accepted

10.   On arrival you will be allocated to a specific gear up area or waiting area. You must base yourself in this area – no moving around is permitted

11.   No waiting is permitted onsite, only those participating are permitted to remain onsite

12.   We look forward to welcoming you back to Redhills, if you feel conditions or any person/persons are acting in an unsafe manner, please feel free to mention this to a member of the team

See you soon